Core Boxes

Robertson Manufacturing has developed into one of Western Canada’s largest suppliers of wooden, “western style” core boxes. If you’re looking for high quality boxes to store your core samples in, we can help you. What makes us different? Our Core boxes are extremely sturdy and able to hold large amounts of dense/heavy core samples. Our boxes can act as a lid when stacked and 100% of each core tube is preserved and stored from the full height rows.

Field Boxes

Designed to be the same height as the diameter of the core, this allows for proper containment of samples in areas where the rock layers are fractured and have many imperfections, mainly the mountain regions of North America.

Partial Assembled

90% assembled with one end piece left unattached. This allows us to inter-lock two boxes together placing the two free end pieces inside the inter-locked boxes.

Sonic Boxes

We build many sizes of Sonic Core Boxes for geo-technical work, soil sample projects and many others. The sizes range from 4"-8" diameter spacing, and length is up to you.

Hinged Lid Option

This option comes with Nylon Webbing, secured by staples to allow you to have a fixed lid to the box and easy access to the core.

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